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2013 Christmas Decorations

It’s been looking like Christmas around our house for a few weeks now. I normally wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate, but this year, with Thanksgiving coming so late, I decorated an entire week *before* Thanksgiving. And I’ll tell you why.

We all tend to accumulate lots of Christmas decorations over the years. And Christmas only comes once a year. Why only enjoy that beautiful stuff for 3 or so weeks? It takes so much effort to haul all that stuff out of storage and decorate, and we usually all have lots of money tied up in things we’ve collected, so why not enjoy it a little longer? Get as much use and joy out of it as you can.
For Thanksgiving, we travel out of town to my parents’ house, and then we always bring home leftovers that last at least the whole weekend. Having the house already decorated gave us a much more peaceful and lazy long holiday weekend. It was awesome. And I will do it again next year. The turkey won’t mind. 🙂

Aside from that, since Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth, we’re all really decorating and celebrating Christ’s birth **late** by the time we get to November and December, anyway. Jesus was born in the late summer, likely in September. And even that’s messed up, since many of our Christmas decor icons are originated in Pagan rituals and symbols, shouldn’t really be tied to Christ at all, and are even possibly condemned in the Bible. So, all that said, do what you want with your Christmas decorations. Do what makes it special and meaningful to *you*. And do it WHEN you want.

Now, for the decorations! This year, I was determined not to buy anything new. We’ve really been needing a new tree for a few years now, but haven’t bought one. Every year, I want to buy one, but then I come up with so many reasons not to. I love the challenge of making do and using what I have, and trying to use it in different ways each year. This year, I thought about our old tree, the one we bought for $20 at K-Mart when we first got married 16 years ago, and decided to dig it out of storage and see how it was doing after all these years. It is the old-school style, the kind where you put each individual branch into its little holder in the trunk and then you cuss and possibly punch the tree as those branches pop out a million times as you try to light the tree. Yes, I had to light this tree myself, by hand, painstakingly, with EIGHT strands of lights. But, once that was done, it looked awesome.

I even made the tree a cute little trunk using some woodgrain patterned scrapbook paper.

Here’s a wreath I thrifted for $1.99! It’s huge (and came with the berry garland already attached to it!). I hand-wrote the “merry” and then painted it and cut it out. I glued it to white posterboard for stability, and cut it out, leaving a small white border around the letters.

Here, I printed the “25” and cut it out and glued it to a doily. Then I framed it in a thrifted frame.

Got this cute Santa plate at the thrift store for $1. He goes great with my vintage Santa mugs that Mama passed down to me last year.

Here’s a 48-year-old ornament from Mama and Daddy’s first married Christmas.

A little Christmas house I made a few years ago.

Another very special, 48-year-old ornament that Mama and Daddy passed on to me. It had to have its own stand.

The dining room. Those gold tinsel trees were a new buy this year–$1 each at the dollar store.

And I made a coffee filter snowflake garland for over the dining room entryway.

Here’s a little vignette by the front door.

Some fun, shaped bokeh with the outside lights.

Merry Christmas!

Hello, September.

September is here and though the days are still hot and humid, we are excited for the transition into fall, which is Brian’s and my favorite season. We love to go out and explore and take lots of pictures once the weather is cool.

We had a pretty good week. Here’s the recap.

Sweet Lord Jesus, I laughed until I cried at this picture I found on Tumblr:

Some of the babies posed for pics for me:

Brian had a training class most of the week, so we were both ready to get out of the house for a bit and have an adventure. Yesterday, we decided on a whim to go exploring some local thrift stores. We found some great treasures!!

We got all this stuff for $28. $28!!!!

I was stoked to see the “Currier & Ives” on this $2 print!

Some cloth doilies for 25 cents each:

I bought 7 frames for less than $10! I intend to sand and paint/refinish them and frame some of my artwork to sell. I loved this one because it’s a large square, and those are rare.

When I turned it over, however, I was sad to see this on the back and to know that this picture was now for sale in a thrift shop. I hope that wherever they are, Paulette and Brenda are ok and are still forever friends. I am going to remove the artwork and the backing so I can reuse the frame, but I will save them in honor of this friendship. Something like this is very meaningful to me. Even if they aren’t friends anymore, this gift that Paulette gave to Brenda is a special marker in time. Even though Brenda had her reasons for donating this framed artwork to a thrift store, it’s a relic of sorts, a frozen moment when a friendship was special. This writing has a special, positive energy of love and it is now mine for safekeeping.

The frames I found, and some 25 cent twine.

And this super-large spool of thick white twine was only $3! I see many buntings being made with this!

In another store we went to, which was like an indoor flea market, we found an old jukebox with my name on it! Cool!

After shopping, we walked around downtown Forsyth a little and saw this old fire truck.

And steam engine.

We had such a fun day and can’t wait to go back! Planning another trip for the end of the month!