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Canada, Stop Breathing On Us!

This month has been the coldest, craziest January that I have ever known. Apparently, the arctic overdosed on some major chill pills and while it was under the influence, a nor’easter took full advantage and together, they had a big, freezing baby that we have affectionately come to know as The Polar Vortex. TPV toddled its way all the way down to the deep south a few weeks ago, causing us to have wind chill temps teetering on the zero line for several days. It was cooooooooollllllddddd for central Georgia, y’all.

So, we hunkered down and dealt with that, thinking, ok, THIS is the major chill we’ll get this winter. Oh, not so. That Polar Vortex was so not done.

Oh, snow it didn’t!!! Yes, it snow did.

We got THREE inches of snow here in Macon! I have never seen that much snow in person, and may not again in my lifetime (not challenging you or anything, TPV). It was crazy. Of course, I took pictures.

And!! I saw today that we may not be done with this freezing, drunken arctic baby. After a brief warmup next week, we may be getting MORE snow! Now that would truly be insane.