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Happy IKEA Day

This past Monday was Ginger’s 46th birthday! We decided rather spontaneously, over the weekend, to spend the day at one of our most favorite places–IKEA! I have loved IKEA since I was a teenager and requested and drooled over their catalog right on up to 2005, when IKEA finally came to Atlanta. Since then, Brian, Ginger and I have made many, many trips. We would live there if we could, right in one of the showroom display bedrooms or apartments.

We did things a little differently this time–usually, we get there right when they open at 10 and shop for a bit, then eat lunch in the IKEA cafeteria, THEN shop some more! This time, we got there at about noon, ate lunch right away, then spent the next 4-5 hours shopping.

It was a special birthday lunch!!


I snuck in a birthday candle and lighter so Ginger could make a wish!

I made Ginger a paper ribbon big enough for a pony that said “I spent my birthday at IKEA.” It got her lots of attention and many “happy birthday” wishes! She even got a hug from a complete stranger! It was fun.

We went into one of IKEA’s display apartments, and Ginger looked for birthday ice cream in the kitchen’s freezer.

Sadly, there wasn’t any birthday ice cream.

One day, we’re going to get Brian his very own Poang chair. He sits in one every time we go to IKEA.

‘Bout to get our shop on in the downstairs Marketplace.

Did y’all need a pillow (or 70)?!

Pretty pineapple glasses.

I was excited to see these Dala Horse cake pans. I want a wooden Dala Horse figurine! Too bad IKEA doesn’t sell them in the store anymore.

Bought another one of these awesome frying pans.

Took a pic of these chair pads, just because they were colorful and pretty. 🙂

You are here.

Me, too, IKEA art lady. Me, too.

No, IKEA–YOU stop. Crazy self.

What a fun day we had!! A birthday celebration AND IKEA, all in one day? Who could ask for anything more?! Happy Birthday month, Ginger!!



Wow, it’s hard to believe June is winding down. It’s been a rainy, mild (at least by Georgia summer heat standards) month. We have had some adventures! As a result of those adventures, this will be a very image-heavy post! 😀

Pretty magnolias downtown Macon.

We visited Little Martha Ellis’ grave at Rose Hill Cemetery (again) and I placed some pretty yellow wildflowers in her monument’s arms.

We stopped for a rare treat when we saw the “Hot” sign all lit up at Krispy Kreme.

We posed for photos at the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds tunnel.

We photographed a sweet baby girl’s first birthday party.

We experienced a sunset that moved us to tears.

The corn fields in middle Georgia have been the most lush and gorgeous I’ve seen in years. So much rain this year!

Of course, we appreciated the beauty all in Mama and Daddy’s yard.

We saw the most beautiful early summer sky.

And we drove out to a dark, quiet road to capture this beauty.

What a fun, beautiful month June has been!