Make Like A Tree…

I am starting fresh here with a new blog, mostly to concentrate on sharing my photography. But after a really tough, stressful and sad year, I just felt like I needed a new space to share and document life. (My old blog is here.)

Sometimes we coast along, with blue skies and smooth seas. And other times, the sky is angry and the sea tosses us at will, never leaving us in one place long enough to recover from the storm before the next one hits and we are lost at sea again. That’s kind of how life has been lately. And when I say “lately,” I really mean for the better part of a year. 2012 was pretty bad. There was loss. Lots of loss. Grief that I still have to manage on a daily basis. Questions that will never have answers. Faith that is tested.

With so many things happening, seemingly at once, it’s hard to figure out where to even start. So I’ll just start with recent events and go back and fill in as I have the inclination and energy.


Two weeks ago, we had a pretty bad storm that sent straight-line winds into a nearby pine tree and snapped its top clear off. The winds then carried that tree top around, swirled it and stabbed it at an angle, directly into the roof of our house. It was probably the scariest thing that’s ever happened to us. We were home, in separate rooms trying to keep our kitties calm. There were literally thousands of strikes of lightning with this storm, but we thought it was “just another spring thunderstorm” and we could just wait it out. I was sitting on the bed in our master bedroom. The tree that this top came from just happens to be outside our master bedroom, maybe 10 or 12 feet away from the outer wall and side of the house. I heard the loudest thunder, flash of lightning, and then BAM!! And dust fell onto the bed from the ceiling. I froze for a second, but called out to Brian to see if he was ok in another bedroom. He yelled that he was, so I got off the bed and carefully walked to the door, as if the floor might give way under my feet.

I opened the master bedroom door, and was literally face-to-limb with this tree top. It had stabbed into the roof, come down through the entire attic space, and now rested about six feet into our hallway. All I could say was, “There’s a tree in the house.” Scary. We made it through the rest of the night with water coming in at many places in the roof. Here are some pictures.

It was really, really bad.

About three days later, thanks to the delay of our insurance, we had the tree removed and the roof tarped.

The piece that was hanging down into the hallway:

The hole the tree left once it was removed:

Lots of tree was removed from our attic and hallway.

Today, more than two weeks since the tree first violated our home, we had our roof replaced, the broken rafter fixed, and just in time for more rain, coming in tonight and lasting through tomorrow.

Into each life, a little tree must fall, right?


2 thoughts on “Make Like A Tree…

  1. You’ve closed that door,now on to more photography and I hope no more bad happenings. Like the new blog. Love you.

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